Design and Web Samples

Below you will find samples of different design and website projects.

Design Samples

The following are different design samples taken from projects, including print and online. All were created with

Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop.

Hope4Utah Advisor Manuals

This is one sample chapter from one manual Hope4Utah advisor manual. These manuals are used to enable teachers to help students prevent teenage suicide. I edited, designed, and published four manuals in total, each about
40 pages long.

Magazine Spread (mock)

I created this magazine spread with two other students in my beginner print publishing class. The concept was to create something sweet, memorable, and delicious. We used picture frames to visually communicate "memorable" and pastel colors to emphasize "sweet."

BYU Catalog Assignment

This was an assignment for my intermediate print publishing class. The assignment was to create a visually appealing catalog without using color. I reached this goal by using symbols that related to the audience; in this case, I use "the Y" to appeal to the BYU community.

Website Sample
Easy Desserts Website

This is a website I created, mostly for fun. As I became busier, I ran out of time to maintain the website and accompanying Facebook page, so they are both currently deactivated. I wrote all of the content and promoted it on social media. It was up for about four months, and during that time its Facebook page obtained over 3,700 followers for two reasons: 1) I found a niche in the recipe community by posting content that was simple and direct for people who like to cook but don't normally have a lot of time to spend making food. 2) Working with dessert recipe blogging influencers. I plan on activating it again in the near future, and when that happens feel free to visit the full Easy Desserts website or its Facebook page.