Writing Samples

Below are five samples of my writing. The first is a blog post for Sweet Salt: Modest Fashion. Next is an article published in the New Era, two articles for Mormon Insights and a blurb for BYU Magazine.


Sweet Salt: Modest Fashion Blog

This article is one of many I wrote to produce the Sweet Salt: Modest Fashion blog. Articles published weekly and were based off of SEO key words and audience reaction. This blog helped with SEO and developed the brand. 

"Accepting My Shyness"

This article was written for the New Era, as part of a section about shyness for the December 2016 issue. I had to think like my audience in order to grab their attention.

"Sexual Purtiy: Why It Matters"

I wrote this article for Mormon Insights. The instructions were to write an article around 250 words with links to other revelant sites. I wrote this article for teenagers and young adults to help them understand a discussion given about this topic. Links were included leading to the original discussion.

"What Does God Think of Millennials?"

This article was also written for Mormon Insights, with the same 250 word count. The audience for this article was young adults wanting to know God's view of the millennial generation. The purpose was to breifly explain the article and encourage visitors to click on the source article. 

"Peer Mentors Minimize Pressure"

This is a short blurb I wrote about the Peer Mentoring program at a Brigham Young University. The purpose was to write a short, interesting excerpt about BYU that was 100 words long. The audience was BYU alumni.